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Enjoy Aliens vs Predators at Dream World

The desire to be a part of Alien vs. Predator combat will be actualized in Dream World Theme park in Gold Coast Australia. The theme park invented an ideal holiday battle of Alien vs. Predator vs. You (AVPX). It had been manufactured by Sudden Impact Entertainment costing two and half million Australian dollars. The attraction has long been introduced to public since April 10, 2009.

Gold Coast’s Dream World Theme park has generated a top class laser battle simulation. It is inspired because of the science fiction movie titled Alien vs. Predator. The indoor laser light skirmish war area offers an region of six hundred and fifty square meters. The location is actually separated in to three pieces – a 2 storey Temple, a Queen Alien Labyrinth, in addition to an encased Sacrificial Chamber. The mood is actually influenced by Egyptian, Aztec along with Cambodian structures. The developer collaborated together with visual and special effects developers from the actual film to set up the movie-like impact in the battle arena. The arena walls are made alive to incorporate drama and suspense. The sounds, lightings and visual effects creates the combatants adventure the feeling of getting haunted by the stalking colossal predators. On top of that, the Delta Strike phaser weapon outfitted to commandos adds to totality connected with a movie-like setting offered in the place. The weapon sets off a ray of light. The laser beam has an Lcd that notifies combatants of their own progress within the game. It has also a speaker which makes noises when combatants earn points.

The battleis started by a briefing in which 30 participants are hustled towards the Weyland Industries Mission Armory. The commandos are divided into two groups -the infected group shown by a yellow light in the vest and uninfected ones. Commandos are to unravel the pit of Aliens and Predators. They’re taken to the ruined place called Antarctica through a Hummer together with a military carrier. The goal is to endure the battle as combatants go through the three leveling parts of the arena. Participants need to be watchful enough to avoid return fires across the place. To rule the adventure, competitors are encouraged to trust no one since uninfected allies can become infected once impregnated by aliens. The goal is to fight for life.

AVPX attraction is greatest gift to Dream World Theme Park. It revived the excellence of the park as it shifts the height-triggered adrenaline rush to a suspense action -trigged adrenaline rush. The attraction hasn’t failed to live up the expectations of inspiring combatants from the very start when they receive orders from military personnel to exiting right out of the world of Aliens and Predators.

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Tiger Sharks – Predators of the Sea

Tiger sharks are one of the most fascinating species of shark, with a distinctive appearance and characteristics, and alarming threat to humans. These magnificent water creatures live primarily in tropical, temperate climates, and are considered sacred in Hawaii. To protect the species, shark conservation projects focusing specifically on tiger sharks are in operation, and these beasts of the ocean are often the focus of marine conservation volunteers.

Tiger sharks are a particularly large shark species, growing to a terrifying length of about 4 metres and weighing up to 635kg. With such size, it’s no wonder they pose a threat to humans, particularly since they love shallow, murky tropical waters. For the brave, however, those interested in marine biology conservation ca experience these creatures up close, free from cages or glass divides.

Hunting for Prey

Aside from their appreciation of a tasty human, tiger sharks will eat just about anything, and shark conservation workers don’t need to focus on a lack of food for these mammals. Being predators, their staple diet consists of smaller sharks, turtles, seals and other fish, and since they’re excellent hunters, they have the choice of the ocean. They are also excellent hunters, and their ability to find and capture prey is impeccable. Their heightened sensory perceptions mean that they can catch their prey with relative ease. With their excellent eyesight, they can spot their prey a mile away, even in murky water. And their acute sense of smell means that they can smell even a small amount of blood from quite some distance away, and are able to trace it back to the unsuspecting victim. They also have the remarkable ability to pick up on low-frequency pressure waves, so they know when something is alive and moving in nearby waters.

But they are also known for their inability to differentiate between what is nutritional, and what is rubbish, and a number of human rubbish items have been found in their stomachs. From car license plates to bicycle wheels, these animals will eat just about anything. So while a lack of food may not concern tiger shark conservationists, pollution of the sea with rubbish is more worrying.

Attacks on Humans

Since tiger sharks have superb hunting abilities, they pose a certain amount of risk to humans. In fact, they are responsible for a large percentage of fatal attacks on humans, second only to the great white shark. While marine biology conservationists and Hawaiians who believe the tiger shark to be sacred may strive to keep the animal safe, swimmers and holidaymakers may have a different opinion! But it is important to keep in mind that tourist activities such as shark cage diving may also be responsible for attracting sharks into more shallow, populated waters, which poses yet another problem for shark conservationists to address.

Mark Bottell is the General Manager for Worldwide Experience, an online tour operator offering extended breaks upon which you can participate in a programme of marine biology conservation, an exciting, hands-on marine conservation volunteering opportunity.

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Washington Capitals at Nashville Predators 03\30\2014

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Nashville Predators vs. Calgary Flames Brawl

(March 20, 2004)

Tomas Vokoun vs. Miikka Kiprusoff
Greg Johnson vs. Robyn Regehr
Scott Hartnell vs. Rhett Warrener

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Vladimir Tarasenko nasty wrist shot goal 3-3 Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues 2/1/14 NHL

Vladimir Tarasenko nasty wrist shot goal 3-3 Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues  2/1/14 NHL

Vladimir Tarasenko nasty wrist shot goal 3-3 Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues 2/1/14 NHL Hockey.


07:49 STL Vladimir Tarasenko (18) Snap shot – ASST: Alex Pietrangelo (32) 3 – 3 Tie.

Announcers: PBP John Kelly, color Darren Pang. Bernie Federko between the benches, Fox Sports Midwest feed.


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Nashville Predators vs Boston Bruins 02.01.2014

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Nashville Predators – Real Americans

The best video ever. The best players ever. The best team ever. The best country ever.



*I do not own this video, music, or anything at all. All rights to the NHL, the Nashville Predators, Seth Jones, and America.
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Nashville Predators – Goal Celebration #3, Victory Celebration & 3 Stars [3-24-2012]

Nashville Predators fans celebrate the Preds’ 3rd goal against the Winnipeg Jets at Bridgestone Arena on March 24, 2012. With just 10 seconds left in the 3rd period, Mike Fisher won a neutral-zone face-off and Shea Weber quickly found the empty net to seal the 3-1 victory.

After the final seconds ticked off of the clock, the Preds saluted the capacity crowd of 17,113 – Nashville’s franchise-record 22nd sell-out of the season.

The “3 Stars of the Game” were then announced. Pekka Rinne was honored as the #1 Star, Alexander Radulov was selected as the #2 Star, and Gabriel Bourque was named the #3 Star. This was Radulov’s first game in Nashville since 2008, after returning from a lengthy stint in Russia’s KHL.

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Shootout: LA Kings vs Nashville Predators

Watch the shootout between the Los Angeles Kings and Nashville Predators on October 17th, 2013.

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Nashville Predators – Phoenix Coyotes 3:4 OT ; 04.28.12. Game 1

Full game highlights.

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